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Underground Living follows earth-sheltered home designers Jon & Amanda D'Aleo of Formworks Building as they build some of the coolest, most energy efficient houses in the country.

Maggie Malick Wine Caves

This wine cave is covered with 4 feet of earth and grass is growing on the roof.

The Salt Cave and Spa

This man-made cave has a unique climate, created by the presence of high amounts of salt in the cave.

The Humboldt Coastal Nature Center

Once known as the Stamps House, the Humboldt Coastal Nature Center offers visitors not only unique architecture, but educational displays, programs and more.

Eatwell Farm

This was an exciting project that had a focus on sustainability, and energy efficiency.

Kenai Peninsula Suites

These spacious underground cabins offer a room with a view

Bleu Mont Dairy

The cheese cave maintains a uniform temperature of between 51 and 59 degrees Fahrenheit year-round