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40’ Elongated Dome Design

2 level, 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath.  Total square footage is 1,788.

One of our earlier true dome designs, this home was built in 1980.  

Light, bright & open! This home offers energy savings, protection from elements & low maintenance.  When we started our family-based company in the late 70’s, our motto was “Tomorrow’s Home Today”. At 41 years old, this home has stood the test of time.  It’s energy costs rival solar homes! 

This home was designed to blend in with the desert landscape. Energy efficiency and low maintenance are a highly valued assets when living in the hot, sun-baked desert of Arizona.  Even with extreme temperatures outside, this home remains comfortable and cozy inside with very little cooling expense. 

With energy costs rising steadily, more and more homeowners are looking for an alternative to conventional building.  Energy efficient home design was a big draw back in 1980 when this home was built.  This is still true today.