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California Hobbit Home

1 level, 2 bedroom, 1 bath elliptical arc design.

Total square footage = 1,400

“We had been thinking about building a home on our property for quite some time.  We couldn’t settle on the location, until one day my son pointed to the hill outside his window and said, “Imagine a Hobbit Home, right there”.  I was sold.  It was the perfect site for the home.  We began researching the idea and learned that building a Hobbit Home (more properly classified as an earthen or earth-sheltered home) was not only possible, but the many advantages that earth sheltered homes provide were too good to pass up.”  -Pablo P. 

Earth-sheltered homes are extremely sturdy, and they stand the test of time.  They have been known to survive wildfires and other dangerous storms such as tornadoes.   Another attractive quality is the energy efficiency.  The interior temperature keeps a consistent warm-to-moderate year-round temperature.  A unique and comfy home for a family to enjoy for generations to come.