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32’ Type B Open-End Dome Design

1,500 s.f. home with 824 s.f. garage.  16′ tall ceilings give a grand effect to the entry of this home. 

Winter storms in New England can range from freezing rain and ice to a moderate snowfall over a few hours to blizzard conditions with blinding wind-driven snow that can last several days. Winter storms can include large snow accumulation, extremely cold temperatures, and heavy, wet snow or ice.  A power outage can sometimes last for days or weeks.  In the event of a long-term power outage, this home will never freeze, never become unlivable.  With the earth surrounding and insulating the home, temperature levels could not drop to the degrees necessary for water-pipes to burst.  The added weight of snow on “the roof” is of no concern.  It only adds more insulating qualities to the house.  The homeowners can safely remain in their home during extended power outages.

A radiant in-floor heating system runs beneath the stained concrete floors.  All floors have radiant pipes under them, but they are rarely turned on.  The house maintains 69-71 degrees year-round.  Even the concrete floors stay a comfortable temperature.  A gas fireplace is located in the living room and serves to bump the interior temperature a couple of degrees when needed.  The garage holds at 68 degrees, with no heat.